Published: by National Naturist Information Centre
Date: 04/03/2014

The Purpose and History of NNIC

The National Naturist Information Centre (NNIC) is a voluntary membership organisation. We provide free information about naturism in the UK. We are financed entirely by members donations. If you find our website useful, please consider joining us. Joining us helps support and promote naturism in the UK.

The Naturist UK Fact File (NUFF)

During the 1990′s an extremely useful resource for UK naturism was available online called Naturist UK Fact File (NUFF). Created initially as an extension to the FAQs for readers of the Usenet newsgroup uk.rec.naturist, NUFF grew into a comprehensive guide. It was more extensive than the information provided by British Naturism (BN) as BN only listed clubs affiliated to it and the officially endorsed UK beaches.

NUFF was created from the goodwill and effort of a few dedicated volunteers and continued to be an excellent resource until around 2012.

While most of the information carried by NUFF is publicly available online, it is scattered across various websites, online forums and other media. With the loss of NUFF, we wanted to create a naturist resource which listed everything in the UK in one place. Born was the idea of the National Naturist Information Centre for the UK.

For NNIC we wanted a resource which was honest, non-biased, non-political, inclusive, up-to-date and above all, available to everyone while promoting UK naturism in a positive light.

How Does NNIC Relate to British Naturism (BN)?

BN functions primarily as member organisation. In recent years we have seen an increase banner adverts on the BN website promoting foreign holidays and BN events. That combined with numerous campaigning reports, news features and articles by members, means that much of the information available has been lost in the complexity of the website. The BN website is also currently very much geared towards generating revenue from advertisers and we feel that this can lose sight of promoting naturism in the UK.

There are valid benefits of being a BN member and supporting the National Naturist Organisation. BN offers a quarterly magazine, allows member access to the online forum and by increasing BN’s membership numbers, it strengthens BN’s campaigning and lobbying ability, which can be of benefit to everyone.

This website endorses BN membership. However we also recognise that the vast majority of UK naturists are not interested in joining a National Naturist Association. We aim to provide unbiased free information and to encourage the practice of naturism, which in turn may help increase the membership numbers of BN.