Each To Their Own

Published: by Unknown
Date: 27/03/2014

Each To Their Own – I Guess

Naturism tends to get a lot of stick at times from certain elements of society. Especially the ‘what about the children’ brigade. You would think that from the way some of these people go on, that naturism was in some way harmful, sinful, even immoral and of course something which only fully consenting adults should do in private. The fact that we naturists see nudity as non-sexual and entirely innocent seems to go over these people heads.

Beauty Pageants and Pamper Parties

Some folk see naturism in a negative light, and in our rich and diverse society they have every right to their opinions and their beliefs. But as a naturist, I tend to think that the wave of children’s beauty pageants and pamper parties that are becoming popular, where children of any ages are ‘made-up’ ‘dressed-up’ and pruned to look attractive in a sexualised manner, are a truly awful thing to do with your child. Why? because it re-enforces the idea that fake beauty is the all important thing. I also do not like the whole concept of sexualising children. Let them be kids. Let them play, run around and have fun (naked if they want to) but lets not portray them as sex objects for the entertainment and amusement of others. Those who do not see anything wrong with this will argue that it is just a bit of harmless fun. Personally I find it objectionable, in the same way which some people might find naturism with children involved objectionable.

Harmless Fun?

Beauty pageants and pamper parties may well be considered as ‘harmless fun’ by parents who allow their children to participate in them. But naturism is far different to that. The ‘harm’ comes to children who never see nudity and grow up not knowing what the human body looks like. Who grow up with low self esteem because they think that beauty through make-up and fancy clothes are important things to aspire to and to which they fail to achieve. The real harm comes to those who grow up worried about a mole or a blemish on them, thinking that their bodies are sub-standard and to be ashamed of or embarrassed about which has come about simply because they have never seen real people, with real deformities, complete with the scars of life and medical treatments. But each to their own of course.