Why Be Secretive?

Published: by Unknown
Date: 15/03/2014

Why Be Secretive? A Personal View

Naturism may not be for everyone but do we really need to be so secretive about it?

Secrecy – The Default Position

The default position in many clubs is that members do not discuss their club, or indeed naturism, outside of the club or to non-naturists. This seems to be a historical thing which has developed from a fear of “What will people think if they know I am a naturist?”. The reality is that most people will not care what you do in your leisure time or in your personal life but of course the secretive types do not know that because they have little or no experience of being open about their naturism.

Taking The Opportunity To Mention Naturism

I have always made a point making others aware of our family’s naturism, especially early on in any relationship or as soon as possible after meeting someone. I always felt that if I failed to mention this minor detail, it could become more difficult for me to raise the subject later or it could be met with “you never told us before so what were you hiding?”. Therefore I made the opportunity to mention it and get it out of the way as soon as I could. This is fairly easy to do as conversation with new people often revolves around holidays, leisure time or weather, which are all things in my life where naturism can be mentioned.

The Reactions

In the vast majority of cases, the people you mention naturism to will be interested. Not that they want to do it themselves but just genuinely interested in something that is a little different. Quite often discussion will lead to a little envy on their part “Oh you are very brave” and “I could never do that” are typical responses.

However some people will completely ignore the mention of naturism. Either they are embarrassed, they don’t understand (or they don’t want to understand). Either way that’s fine because if they are uncomfortable with discussing it, we can leave the subject alone, but at least it has been mentioned and it is not me who has an issue with it.

Very occasionally people will think that it is in some way funny. This shows a lack of maturity on their part, as well as a lack of understanding. My favoured response to this reaction is to counter it with “Well I think its a but funny that people wear clothes to go swimming or sunbathing, but hey if that’s what they want to do …”.

Even fewer people will associate naturism with ‘swinging’ or activity of a sexual nature, if this happens I usually just put them straight on the matter. That is, while there are clubs out there who cater for that kind of thing, traditional naturism tends to be non-sexual and any sexual activity is not acceptable, just like anywhere else, and especially where there are children about.

Mentioning naturism can (but very rarely) lead to the assumption that naturism involves  the sexual abuse of children. However, on the two occasions this happened I used the following response, it  immediately stopped any further vile accusations.

“People who see naked children and immediately think of sex, should really stay away from naturism”.

But I Work With Children So I Have To Be Careful

I know a Scout Leader who is completely open about his naturism and I know a teacher who would have naturism on her CV under hobbies and interests. I am not suggesting that you will not encounter opposition at times and on occasion you may have to explain or justify yourself to those who are ignorant of naturism. You might even find that some people will try to use this against you. But remember, the overwhelming majority will see nothing wrong in your naturism and if you stand up for yourself they will support you too. The other option is to try to keep it a secret and when people do find out you will look far worse in their eyes. The thought process is:

“If you felt it necessary to keep it secret, there must be something to be ashamed of”.


“It’s easier to make a friend out of a naturist than a naturist out of a friend”.