Guide To Alternative Venues

Published: by National Naturist Information Centre
Date: 06/03/2014

Guide to Alternative Venues

This article was written to differentiate between traditional naturism (sometimes called family naturism or Sun Clubs) and the alternative venues which may also promote themselves as ‘naturist’.

Traditional Naturism or Sun Clubs

Naturism in a Sun Club is strictly non sexual. There are absolutely no sexual connotations to naturism in this sense. Public displays of affection (and especially arousal) are usually frowned upon and intimate or sexual behaviour may result in expulsion from any traditional club. This traditional type of naturism is suitable for parents, grandparents, children, teenagers, single people and couples in a mixed family orientated environment.

Alternative Venues

Alternative Venues may promote themselves as naturist or nudist but are different to traditional naturism. Public displays of affection and arousal may be acceptable and private areas are sometimes provided for relaxation of a more intimate nature. While these venues can be enjoyed without engagement in intimacy, visitors should not be surprised at what activities may take place. Visitors or guests and their partners may be approached for friendship of a more adult nature and people may also come and go from private areas. This alternative type of naturism is often aimed at those looking for a more erotic or sexually charged atmosphere where they can also relax naked in a more liberated environment.