Guide To Clubs

Published: by National Naturist Information Centre
Date: 28/01/2014

A General Guide to Naturist Clubs

Naturists clubs are all independent from each other. Therefore any local customs, practices and rules may vary from club-to-club. There are however some generally accepted norms which this guide aims to cover.

Member-Owned Clubs

Many of the UK’s member-owned clubs date back for decades, even as far as the 1930′s. These types of club are owned and run by the membership. They often have their own land or property (landed clubs) and they usually elect a committee to take care of the management and finances. Any staff are normally unpaid volunteer workers although some clubs may employ a secretary or a warden. Belonging to a member-owned club usually involves paying a annual subscription as well as helping out around the club as part of being a member.

Proprietary Clubs

Some clubs run as a business who offer their facilities for a fee, either as an annual fee or a visitor daily rate. They can offer better facilities (but not always) as the management also have an incentive to keep their customers coming back. They can also be more expensive too.

What Can I Expect When Visiting a Club?

A warm welcome to all newcomers is guaranteed. Entering a naturist club for the first time may be daunting for some but they will not demand you undress and there will normally be someone to show you around and explain any rules or customs and answer any questions you have. The refreshing thing about naturist clubs is there is never usually any pressure to join and no sales process. The club sells itself. You either like it and want to join or you don’t. If the weather is hot, or if you want to swim, sunbathe or use the sauna or hot-tub you will be expected to do so naked. If you want to visit a naturist club but have a reluctant partner or are a bit scared of taking your clothes off yourself, just visit a club on a cold day where there will be other clothed people around anyway and you wont seem so out place being clothed.

Arranging a Visit

Access to naturist clubs is often restricted to members only and visitors by appointment. Some proprietary clubs will allow non-member visitors to attend without appointment and just turn-up but most clubs of all types restrict access to non-members. Most member-owned clubs may operate seasonally, or they may not have pre-determined opening times. They might only allow visitors on a certain day, or at certain times, while paid-up members can use the facility as they wish. It is therefore strongly advised that you always contact any club before you arrive.

The Naturism

Those who have been involved in naturism for some time will think nothing of taking their clothes off when they arrive at a club or other venue, potter around, drink tea, chat with friends, take a swim and cook on a barbecue or use the clubhouse, all done without clothes, because that’s what we do. That’s what naturism is.

Naturism is normal people doing normal things without clothes.


Most naturist clubs welcome families with children of all ages. Naturist clubs are aware of child safeguarding issues and children are never expected to do anything which they may feel uncomfortable with. If children are raised within naturism or are introduced to it at an early age, then joining in with the sprit of naturism is no issue for them. However trying to encourage your teenage son or daughter to try naturism for the first time is likely to be difficult. Teenagers at naturist clubs often stay dressed as it is how they are most comfortable. No one should think that this is anything wrong or abnormal, it’s just the way teenagers are. Clubs which do not welcome children, usually do so to maintain an adult orientated environment, or because the activities which take place may not be suitable for under 18s


Within naturist clubs, etiquette and standard behaviour is generally the same as that of a clothed environment but there are some things which should be observed.

  • Be respectful of naturism
  • Do not stare
  • Maintain eye-contact with others
  • If you sit down with a bare bum, sit on your own towel
  • Shower before and after swimming, saunas etc.
  • Be friendly, but do not invade personal space

Alternative Clubs / Other Venues

We have listed a number of Alternative Venues  although these are not strictly naturist clubs in the traditional sense. Some clubs will promote themselves as ‘naturist’ because they allow nudity on the premises but are primarily aimed at adults seeking alternative activities. Many naturists do not want to be associated with these types of club or venue. Those who are not looking for this type of club or venue should be aware what is likely to be on offer and those who are looking for this type of club or venue are usually very disappointed when they attend a more traditional naturist club.