Guide To Swims

Published: by National Naturist Information Centre
Date: 06/03/2014

A General Guide to Naturist Swims

This article is a general guide to attending a naturist swim and the differences you are likely to experience than a ‘normal’ swim.

About Naturist Swims

Naturist Swims are usually organised by naturist clubs (or sometime individuals) often using public leisure facilities on a private hire basis. They take place out of normal operating hours and are not usually open directly to the public. Some swims will allow attendees to pay on the door, while other require pre-booking or payment in advance. Always check beforehand and book in advance if necessary as you may be turned away if you simply turn up unnannounced.

What Can I Expect On Arrival?

When you arrive there will normally be signs stating ‘Private Use’ or similar. The doors may be covered over or there may be screening in place. This is to deter any unwary non-naturist visitor from unexpectedly wandering in. After checking in, the process is like any other swim session, you take off your clothes but you do not put swimwear on. Naturists swims do not normally use sex-segregated changing areas. Either the male or the female changing area will be in use or sometimes both. This is much more family friendly than traditional segregation and is particularly useful for families with smaller children but it may seem strange at first to those not used to it.

Shower First

Naturists tend to have a higher level of personal hygiene. Therefore you are expected to have a proper wash before entering the pool facilities. Naturists will normally wash afterwards too to wash away any chlorine and pool water.


If the facility has use of a sauna, take a small towel for sitting on.

You will find that naturists tend to be a friendly lot, but not overly so. If you become a regular, in time you are bound to get to make new friends.