Guide To Naturism On The Internet

Published: by National Naturist Information Centre
Date: 06/03/2014

Guide To Naturism On The Internet

This guide was written to help distinguish between what naturism means in a real-world sense, and what can be found on the Internet.

The Search Term ‘Naturist’

Using the search term ‘naturist’ on the Internet it will eventually lead the user to websites of a pornographic nature. Many of these websites use the term ‘naturist’ to describe images of people having sex out-doors and particularly on beaches. More accurate terms for these activities might be ‘cruising’ ‘dogging’ ‘swinging’ ‘exhibitionism’ and ‘voyeurism’, but certainly not naturism. However, innocent search terms such as ‘naturist+club’ will generally return innocent results, that is until you look further down the results. Due to this happenning, ‘naturism’ is often a restricted search term when using search engines, content filtering, or blocking software. However most top results returned when searching for naturism online, will usually result in genuine naturist activities.

Image Sharing Social Media

Another problem is with image sharing social media websites. Browsing image-based blogs of naturism will eventually lead to images of eroticism and even hardcore pornography.

Searching the term ‘naturist’ can to lead people to pornography, even if that is not what they were looking for.

Real World Naturism

However, the purpose of this article is to explain that ‘real-world’ naturism is not to be confused with online ‘naturism’. It’s not. Real-world naturism is about seeing nudity in a non-sexual and positive way. Online ‘naturism’ can be anything nude, nude, nude in public, and especially anything with an erotic slant. What also muddies the water further is that there are a growing number of real-world venues which cater for adults looking for a liberated or sexually charged atmosphere, who also market themselves as ‘naturist’. Therefore we have listed these places as Alternative Venues, so as to help clear any confusion.